Sunday, July 8, 2012

Candy winner and an update!

Hi all!

Lots of things are keeping me busy.. ! So couldn't update my blog.. but now I have settled down and hopefully will start crafting soon.. but first of all I have to announce the candy winner...!
Thank you all who participated in my candy.. I was amazed to see so many new crafters and I am so happy that people are considering paper crafting as a hobby or any craft for that matter.. This candy was a wonderful chance to meet new fellow crafters.. I will visit each one's blog soon.. Thanks again!
So in total there was 35 entries.. and I used to select a lucky number and the number is.......

and that's 
Sridevi MuraliKrishna!

Congratulations! You have won a Rs. 1500/- Lulupu Gift Voucher...!  Please contact me to claim your prize...
And now an update.. I have moved to U.S. for a project assignment.. It will be here for a year or so.. That's the reason of my absence from blogland.. But I am all set now.. will start crafting soon.. and yes, I have already started crafty shopping the moment I saw lovely Ek Success stickos in Walmart..

Thank you all for making my blogging journey of 1 year a memorable one..

Happy crafting!